Shaun of Dead – Made in 60 Seconds Scott Pilgrim’s style


This great video made by Yolutube user Pippinopalon shows the movie “Shaun of Dead” (one with zombies) in 60 seconds using drawing similar to the ones used in the famous comic Scott Pilgrim.This is a great combination of zombie and geek stuff, just perfect for our  blog 😉

My entry into the Empire/Jameson Done in 60 Seconds Competition 2011!

This is basically my love letter to all things Edgar Wright/Scott Pilgrim! I saw and read Scott Pilgrim in the summer of last year, and it had such a massive impact I decided to make this to vent my creative juices!

interesting fact – I did a cracking caricature of Bill Nighy but I had to leave it out in the end. Shame :(

I did the voices for Shaun and Ed and my mum kindly lent her vocal chords for Liz and Daisy… I Mean Yvonne!

Geek Zombie

Hi, I'm G7, I'm a geek. I'm not a zombie but I'll love to kill some. Zombies are part of pop culture, so join us.

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